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What Our Clients say About us ?

John Dye

Thank you so much.  Care with Love has been so good for us.  I was almost in tears both when Betsy (my wife) was alive and your caregivers exchanged end of shift hugs  and "love you's" and then again as I saw how distraught they were that Betsy had passed.  Such Care with Love!

Cindy Whitehead
You stand out from the crowd because of the true caring you and your staff provide. I met a few of the people my parents hired over the years they needed help at home. I also met and observed quite a few nursing home staff. You have a wonderful outlook on life and it is reflected in the staff you select and the training you provide for them. This is not common among the other agencies I have seen. Even when your staff doesn't know how to handle something, they care enough to learn and improve. They are kind and gentle and tough and firm. They are willing to share their experiences and are truly interested in other's lives. At least with those I met, there is no superiority and no inferiority. They are there to help in whatever way they can. Very different from many of my other experiences. Please keep up the good work!! It is so very needed!

Rose Durbin
The one thing that made me love Care with LOVE is how fast they were to respond and how fast they handled any situation. Care with LOVE overall was perfect from the time we started until the end.

Arthur Childers
Care with Love" (CwL) has provided for six months, on a daily basis, my 87-yr old wife (a stroke victim), with outstanding professional LOVING care during our continuing relationship. Three other care giver firms over a period of 2 and 1/2 yrs. left much to be desired. Some examples of the excellent CwL service are as follows: (1) On one occasion, when I suffered a perceived Heart pacemaker malfunction and required EMT service, Nefr Israel (the owner) was called at 5:00 AM and came over to provide care for my wife until the EMTs cleared my problem and the regular 8AM care giver arrived. Where else but CwL? (2)Several times during bad weather or car breakdowns, transportation was either provided by CwL management or arranged for at CwL expense to get caregivers here on time. Where else but CwL? (3) Each time a new prospective caregiver was being planned, they were required to try out on-site for 2 hrs to determine their compatibility and capability at no cost to me but paid for by CwL. Where else but CwL? (4)Caregivers are ON-TIME. Where else but CwL? (5) Modification to billing my account to simplify my practices and taxes were made. Where else but CwL? And (6) Since my wife has very limited use of her left side, she is difficult to transfer, but I now have 4 excellent CwL people who can do their job without a whimper. Thank you CwL. GOODNESS PREVAILS.



Mrs. Healey
The caregivers I had were all wonderful. They always went above and beyond; however, The one thing I appreciate the most was how they were dealing with the wheelchair which was very heavy.

Nefr Israel 

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