Caring for Your Elderly Loved One: A List of Vital Resources

Dear Care With LOVE Family,

Caring for your senior loved ones can put a strain on even the best-organized, loving, and diligent person. I was touched that one of Care With LOVE’s wonderful friends put together a list of resources to help you cope with the pressures and provide your loved one with the best possible care! Please see her letter, below, for links to the best tips and insights for making the coming time as healthy and filled with love as possible for your family.



I can’t thank you enough for the work you do to help seniors and to build much-needed community and support. The resources I found here are fantastic, and go a long way towards helping our aging realize that they are not alone. As a librarian, I’ve staked my career in helping empower people with knowledge, and so I’m grateful to find others who share that vision.

I’m putting together a list of seniors’ and special needs resources for an upcoming library newsletter, and thought they might be of interest to you:

Moving Advice for Seniors and People with Disabilities
Renters’ Rights for Tenants with Disabilities
Internet Gateway for Low Vision
Managing Sensory Processing Issues At Home
Cleaner Indoor Air Campaign
Keeping Seniors Safe Around Construction Sites
Limited Mobility Home Modifications
Making the Move To Assisted Living
Guide to Finding Credible Medical Information

I’d love to hear about any projects you’re working on for seniors, or any subject matter pertaining to seniors that you feel is underserved!


Susan Williams


Thank you, Susan! You have really gone above and beyond with this list. I hope, as you do, that it lightens the load on many wonderful people who want their family members to be cherished as they enter a new stage of life with dignity and love!

Warmest regards,

Nefr Israel
Founder and President
Care With LOVE



The majority of people on yearly basis suffer from depression ranging from mild occasional attacks of depression to long term and the more serious clinical depression. Depression remains one of the most common disorders experienced by adult parents. When left untreated, it can result in eating disorders, substance abuse, self-mutilation and even suicide.

What then can those who suffer from depression do to find relief and what is the best cure for depression? As of now, there is no best known cure for depression since it is a very personalized thing. However, the only real best cure for depression is knowing yourself and understanding what the fundamental cause of the depression is in the first place. Some cases of depression may require therapy, acquiring new skills, lifestyle changes, or medical involvement.  Depression in vulnerable seniors has a deep negative impact both on their physical health and the quality of life.

Concerning treating a senior for depression, neither antidepressants nor a mere talk with therapist are likely to result in long-term relief of symptoms. Additionally, family members, who are unable to alleviate the misery, suffer along with the resident. Nursing home staffs on the contrary struggle to meet the demands of these residents with little to no pleasure or comfort.

Moving into a long term care facility can be a very challenging experience. Many individuals prefer to stay in their home until the end without a thought of being in a nursing home. But at times, due to the amount of care required, a move into a long-term care can be the only answer.

Combining the use of medication and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) on a long-term may be a way to cure any senior from their depression. This treatment has resulted in lower depression level and substantial decrease suicidal thoughts, even after treatment has ended. Long term care for depression usually spans at least six (6) months. As opposed to earlier reports on short-term treatments, which worsen after treatment, the long-term care has been associated with persistent benefits.


While there have been inspiring results from a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy and medication, there is no single approach to treating elder’s depression. Each elder will respond to treatment in a unique way, and will necessitate a treatment that is fitting for them.

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: This is a form of discussion therapy that has proven to be effective in treating senior’s depression. It can help elders learn to manage life challenges through healthy coping skills, conflict resolution, problem solving, relaxation procedures and social skills. A therapist can also help your older parent learn more about depression, its possible causes, and how to manage it.
  • Adult’s residential treatment: These centres combine traditional therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy, alternative therapies like art therapy and equine therapy, and esteem-building routines to help seniors survive their despair. In these settings, depression sufferers not only adult parents can actively work to defeat depression including behavioural challenges.

Even though adjusting to long-term care can be worrying and complicated, there are advantages to it as well. There are designed programs and activities that offer elders regular opportunities to socialize and engage with staff and other residents. You may even be able to help assist other residents by sharing your experience.

Home care agency

Make Your Home a Safer Place for a senior by Hiring a Specialist
Home care agency

With the continuous growth in development and technology, people these days have less and less time for themselves and little to no time for their loved ones. This type of situation can cause feelings of loneliness, agitation, frustration and sometimes anger. However, for those people who have to give extra care and attention to someone else face even greater sense of frustration and anger.Continue reading

Make Your Home a Safer Place for a senior

Make Your Home a Safer Place for a senior by Hiring a Specialist

With the continuous growth in development and technology, people these days have less and less time for themselves and little to no time for their loved ones. This type of situation can cause feelings of loneliness, agitation, frustration and sometimes anger. However, for those people who have to give extra care and attention to someone else face even greater sense of frustration and anger.Continue reading

Hire a Caregiver

Hire a Caregiver and Stop Worrying About Your Loved Ones

We humans are considered a very intelligent and smart species however, in certain situations you end up doubting this very theory. During this time of development, advancement and competition, we humans have indulged ourselves in this unnecessary race of life, where we do not get any time for ourselves at all.
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Home Care Services

Professional Home Care Services Can Be Much More Than Simple Assisted Living

An assisted living is a community of senior citizens that need little to no assistance to enjoy their daily activities.  It encourages residents to mingle, partake in activities, and enjoy the amenities that are provided in the community. Professional home care services on the other hand is having a qualified home care helper come into a senior’s home to assist with daily activities for some agreed upon hours per day.  It is a one-on-one care aimed to enable seniors have someone that will provide them help with their daily activities whenever the need arise.Continue reading



Dementia is a condition that involves someone losing their cognitive abilities, but is not the same as the normal levels of cognitive weakening that are a part of the aging process. At times dementia can have a progressive effect due to damage or disease, and can stay the same should the sufferer have at one time had an injury to their brain. Most cases of Dementia happen in older people, but can as well occur prior to aging. This is known as early onset dementia.

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care of the elderly

Elderly parents need to be stimulated mentally, physically, and socially to avoid depression and isolation. Studies have revealed that seniors who stay mentally engaged in everyday and physical activities remain lucid for longer time periods. As activities are essential to elder’s health and well-being, coming up with one can demand much deliberation and effort. However, creating these activities can be simple should some guidelines be followed.Continue reading

caring for the elderly

Caring for the elderly

The Most Common Misconceptions about Home Care from an Elder’s Perspective
Caring for the elderly . Home care services remain a blessing to many caregivers, who have loved ones that need help with their daily activities. Even with that, adult children are more particular about choosing a stranger to come into their home and look after their loved one. As the popularity of home care services keeps growing, quite a number of elders are even uncertain about what home care entails or how to secure reliable home care services. Fortunately, these issues can be fixed by shedding light on the well-known misconceptions about home care from an elder’s perspective.Continue reading

In Home Senior Care

In Home Senior Care Is the Secret of a Happy Life
“Neither giving, nor receiving Care is Easy”.
No Doubt, In home care is a secret of a happy life!
Todays’ environment is full of hustle and bustle. Everyone is busy and entangled in his own personal life. After a hectic daily routine and brain stuffed with stress, one wants a peaceful and calm environment among his family members and home. It can only happen when everyone at one’s home is happy. When they will be happy, they will also make your mood joyous!
But this is not as simple as it looks. Senior persons always want attention and affection as it is the need their age. If you are not able to make their life comfortable, it won’t make your life too!Continue reading

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