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Elderly parents need to be stimulated mentally, physically, and socially to avoid depression and isolation. Studies have revealed that seniors who stay mentally engaged in everyday and physical activities remain lucid for longer time periods. As activities are essential to elder’s health and well-being, coming up with one can demand much deliberation and effort. However, creating these activities can be simple should some guidelines be followed.

Here are a few genius activities caregivers can do with elders to inspire them to have fun:

Prepare a meal together:

This is one of the activities caregivers can do with their elders. In case the elder has an old family recipe or a recently discovered recipe they would like to try, the senior and their caregiver can go to the store together, purchase ingredients and spend time preparing a new meal. Not only does this allow the senior to stay active, the caregiver can as well educate the senior on nutrition.

Watch their Favourite Program with them:

A good technique to get in the practice of habitual visits is to be present when their favourite show comes on. The caregiver can watch the show with them, and catch up or chat simultaneously. At times, just being remembered and having your presence is all they desire and time like this could be more significant to them than you think.

Make Music:

Fiddle around with musical instruments. Kid instruments like simple lap harps, thumb pianos, and recorders can be cheap and fun to experiment with.

Go with them for a walk

Being indoors every time can make elder parents feel depressed, isolated and imprisoned. That is why it is important for them to catch a breath of fresh air, with expert supervision of course. Ask them how they are doing, should there be anything knew. In case they are disabled and needs a walking aid, keep it simple and stroll through the park rather than trail in the woods.

Special Events:

You can check if there is any senior fair going on in your neighbourhood. Check out for senior day care amenities for exceptional activities or simply visit occasionally.

Arts and Crafts:

Similar to board games, many hobbies will keep the elders engaged whilst enhancing their creativeness. Depending on the condition of the elder, these activities can vary from art to gardening and art. They might enjoy making greeting cards or knitting a scarf. They will not only have fun during these activities, but also have many nice presents for the approaching holiday season.
It’s not easy to find the perfect activity that’ll assist to pull a sad and lonely senior from the house or even ease depression. However, it is your sense of duty to try. After all, you would not like to sit around all day doing nothing, so why should the seniors? Look for activities you can also enrol in to help build bonding and understanding, while you prepare for your own future needs.

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Nefr Israel 

Nefr Israel 

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