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Professional Home Care Services Can Be Much More Than Simple Assisted Living

An assisted living is a community of senior citizens that need little to no assistance to enjoy their daily activities.  It encourages residents to mingle, partake in activities, and enjoy the amenities that are provided in the community. Professional home care services on the other hand is having a qualified home care helper come into a senior’s home to assist with daily activities for some agreed upon hours per day.  It is a one-on-one care aimed to enable seniors have someone that will provide them help with their daily activities whenever the need arise.

When comparing home care services and assisted living, both may be described as out-of-pocket expenses, but the costs are different. Costs at assisted living facilities vary considerably.  Many assisted living have levelled programs, meaning there are different levels of services with varying costs. The more the service needed by a resident, the higher the cost. Assisted living can be a waste of money as elders may at times need 24/7 care service. Costs in home care services can vary as well. But instead of buying room and board for the senior, an aide is attached to them for the number of hours you choose to pay for.


Number of hours per day: The more hours a caregiver is needed per day, the lower will the hourly cost be. It may be impractical to get a caregiver that will agree to a job less than four hours per day.  Therefore, many home care services charge more if lower hours are needed, as they need to settle their caregivers for them to accept the job.  Additionally, a few home care services will offer a discount to a family that needs a high duration of care.

The difficulty of the senior’s situation: The complexity of a case will raise the cost of the hourly rate, as the caregiver deserves to be paid more to work in a very challenging home.

Services performed: A home care providing companionship or transportation will cost less per hour compared to someone who is providing total personal care.  Since one service is basic and the other is more complicated, there will definitely be a price difference between the two.


Payments made for assisted living is just for a community of aged and likeminded people that live together. The payment covers meals, board and room, and about an hour of one-on-one care every day. No nursing care will be received, although there is a person on ground to offer assistance in case of emergency.

Payments for professional home care services include daily living services like: bathing, mobility, toileting, dressing, feeding etc. Other services are: medication reminders, housework, communication help and shopping. A caregiver is paid to be at an elder’s home for a specific period to perform as many routines as required. Home care providers cannot perform medical tasks such as administering medications, diabetes shots or taken care of open wounds. However for an extra charge, a few professional home care agencies offer nursing services.

Conclusively, home care services and simple assisted living are not competitors, as their services differ from each other. However, they complement each other to provide the needed help for a senior.

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Nefr Israel 

Nefr Israel 

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