“You stand out from the crowd because of the true caring you and your staff provide.” – Cindy

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“The one thing that made me love Care with LOVE is how fast they were to respond and how fast they handled any situation.” – Rose

Why choose Care with LOVE?

If you are responsible for an aging or injured loved one, Care with LOVE can offer you the high-quality, specialized care. We specialize in caring for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, but we can tailor a care plan to meet almost any need.
We are the premier non-medical home care agency in the Northern VA area, providing a wide range of in-home care services. Our team of insured and bonded caregivers, who receive specialized training in caring for seniors with dementia, is configured to offer you the most flexible service, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. By choosing us, you will gain a dependable partner in caring for your loved one.

What does Care with LOVE offer you?

If your goal is to maintain your loved one’s independence in their home for as long as possible, we can offer you specialized solutions to ensure their comfort. As your parent copes with symptoms of dementia, we will work to improve their quality of life through dependable in-home caregiving that protects their dignity amid changes to their physical and mental faculties.

How can we help your family?

At Care with LOVE, we:

  • Help you manage your complex responsibilities while caring for your parent
  • Empower your loved one to stay independent and comfortable in their own home
  • Create an individualized care plan for your loved one, taking into account their special needs such as dementia care
  • Educate you on how you can best communicate with and care for your loved one in complicated situations such as dementia care or pain management
  • Send trained caregivers appropriate to your family’s needs, such as Certified Dementia Practitioners
  • Update all our caregivers’ training in specializations such as dementia care on a yearly basis.

Our Services

Our staff are trained to provide specialized care for dementia, medical, and other needs your loved one may have.

Home Health Services

We offer your loved one a wide variety of the highest-quality medical services

Care with LOVE envisions a world in which senior citizens can age gracefully, socialize frequently, and live confidently. We reject the idea that seniors have nothing to expect but isolation, malnutrition, institutionalization, and indignity. We will not allow them to become third-world citizens in a first-world nation.

Care with LOVE

Care with LOVE’s team serves your loved ones 24/7, 365 days a year, and you can reach a team manager at any time for your family’s needs. Our administrative office is open for the regular working hours listed below.

Office Working Hours

MONDAY 08:00-17:00
TUESDAY 08:00-17:00
WEDNESDAY 08:00-17:00
THURSDAY 08:00-17:00
FRIDAY 08:00-17:00

Home health care services Assistance available 24/7

We'd love to discuss your family's needs and how we can help. Feel free to reach out to us for a free assessment!